Special Needs Students Need Volunteer Help

Some of Tulsa's most deserving kids have a problem.They don't have enough help to make the most of their school time.Those preschool students attend Tulsa's Little Lighthouse, which is for kids who are developmentally delayed.Right now .they need 50-volunteers and they will need a lot more in the future.The school helps the kids make the most of their abilities.But the work is done completely tuition free, so volunteers are crucial to their success.They need a couple of hundred every week to make things work.Walker McKinney is college student who's spending his summer at the school, but he started volunteering when he was in high school at Cascia Hall.He says he's stuck with it because of the kids and their impact on him."They're really incapable of any feelings of meanness of anything like that..There's unconditional love everywhere. Which for me, is really special".He enjoys the volunteering so much, that some form of special education could become his major at Northwestern.The school hopes more people will be inspired to sign up, because its growing.Funding has been raised to expand the building and expand the student body from 64 to 144.Director of Operations, Lindsey Kirk, says they like to have students and volunteers matched up on a one to one basis.She says that kind of contact really pays off with progress for the kids.Walker McKinney says it's a great opportunity for anyone who even has a few hours of spare time."I'd really encourage people to volunteer. It's really hard to put into words, but it's a life-changing experience."Potential volunteers can call 918-664-6746.
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