Spring Break Crackdown On Underage Drinkers, Social Hosts

It is not uncommon for teenagers on Spring Break to have too much fun.

So Oklahoma's ABLE Commission is working to keep everyone safe.

Agents have been out checking for fake ID's at liquor stores and for underage drinkers at lakes and campgrounds.

ABLE also has a warning for parents thinking about hosting a party for teens.

Under Oklahoma's "Social Host Law", you can now go to jail.

ABLE Senior Agent Erik Smoot says, "If we prove you've provided the alcohol, it's a felony. But if you're just providing the place, it's a misdemeanor. But of someone is seriously injured or killed as the result of that party or place, it becomes an immediate first offense felony. The problem is, is you don't know it's going to turn bad, until it turns bad."

Kids who host a party, while their parents are gone-- can also be charged as a "social host".