Squirrel: It's What's For Dinner!

Our neighbors to the east in Arkansas are getting some international attention for an unusual cooking competition.

And the main ingredient.. is squirrel.

In Bentonville, it's the first ever World Champion Squirrel Cook-off.

Contestant Bud Bohall says, "It's what nature intended for people to eat."

They've been cooking up tamales, gumbo and stew.. all made with squirrel meat.

And one of the most unusual dishes.. squirrel jalapeno poppers.

And the winner is (drum roll please).. squirrel sliders!

Cook off founder, Joe Wilson, "You actually have to chop and prepare all of your food right here on site, so when your squirrels come in they're whole squirrels."

In case you're wondering, squirrel meat has it's own unique taste with a gamey, rough texture.

The cook off will be featured on the Travel Channel in a couple of months.

Source: KFTA