St. Francis Tulsa Tough Wants More Riders

The St. Francis Tulsa Tough rides and races have been a success from the very start.

But now there's an big emphasis on growing the distance rides that are big part of that event.

Two different efforts are being made, to bring in more recreational riders.

One is a prize for getting the most friends to sign up.

The other is a series of training rides, to get women involved.

Tonja Pitzer is organizing the Tulsa Tough Diva's program.

They're encouraging women to join a group setting, that will make them feel comfortable in a non-competitive environment.

They meet every Wednesday evening at 5:30 p.m., for group rides, with no woman left behind.

The women will be encouraged to join groups that want to ride similar speeds and distances.

The others part of the growth effort, is to get riders to invite their friends to take part in the Tulsa Tough Gran Fondo rides.

Right now 1500 riders are signed up for the distance rides on Saturday and Sunday.

They range from 27 to 127-miles.

There are also the family Townie Rides of 5 and 8 miles.

Executive Director Malcolm McCollum, says there's a $1000 prize, for the person who brings in the most people during the month of March.

It's a challenge funded by the Mimosa Tree Capital Partners

When your friends register, they simply need to plug in your name.

That will get you credit for their entry and a shot at the prize money.