St. Pius X Plans $7 Million Expansion

For over 50 years they've been a part of the neighborhood, the quaint and charming classrooms of St. Pius the X.

"From the outside as your driving by you think oh that's kind of cute, you know," said neighbor Sandy Glover.

But, after 50 years, quaint and charming, has become old and outdated.

"They've pretty much outlived their expectancy," said Father Matt Gerlach.

And that's putting it nicely.

"The structural engineers have told us that we have maybe 5 years maximum on a couple of the buildings before they are uninhabitable," said principal Lisa Beardshear.

The solution, the biggest thing to happen to Pius in 50 years.

"We're going to make this happen," she said.

An entirely new school.

"$7.5 million dollars," said Father Matt.

A 42,000 square foot facility, 15,000 square feet larger than the current school. Location?

"We're on the field, the playground of St. Pius X, and the playground will become the new school," said principal Beardshear.

Despite the size increase the school wants to maintain it's family atmosphere with a relatively small enrollment.

"Right now we're pushing 400, we'd like to see ourselves at 425, 430," said Father Matt.

An educational upgrade, great for students, and the surrounding neighborhood.

"Bring up home values, and, it's a very nice place to live," said Mrs. Glover.

But, Pius still has a long way to go to meet that $7.5 million goal.

"Realistically, we as a parish, working class parish for the most part, can't do it alone," said Father Matt.

"We're going to need a lot of help from the community, the greater Catholic community, and all of the alumni of St. Pius," said principal Beardshear.