'Stamp Out Hunger' Volunteers and Postal Workers Gear Up for Food Drive

An estimated 675,000 Oklahomans go hungry every day. With food donations low this time every year, some local volunteers are working to fix that.

The packaging room at the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma was packed with volunteers. The overflowing bins of food and controlled chaos of an assembly line made it obvious that the big day was right around the corner.

In it's 21st year, the Stamp Out Hunger campaign is working to feed families across the area, who go without at meal time.

Volunteer, Jim Sweat has been offering his support to the program for several years. He sees the need in the community, on a regular basis. "I see children that are going hungry, every day. I see people that are living in homes that are just about to fall down around them, and, so I just -- I just think it's my duty, as well as everybody else's, to do what we can."

Teaming up with the U.S. Postal Service for the annual drive, the food bank works hard to raise enough food to fill the void felt by so many families.

"The need is really here. it's all across the community, it's all across the state and it's just good for neighbors to help out neighbors," said Maggie Hoey with the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.

Hoey says the program saw a lot of success last year, but is depending on the community's generosity to make this year even better.

As for Jim Sweat, volunteering every year is something he feels driven to do. "You know, people like me are so blessed with everything that we have that I think it's important for myself and for other people in the community to give back," said Sweat.

"It just, it just really touches me that, when I see people that are hurting and see the joy when I'm able to go out there and help them," he added.

To donate, all you have to do is leave a bag of food by your front door on Saturday and your mail carrier will pick it up. You can also drop off donations at any Reasor's location.