Standardized Testing Underway With Last Minute Software Updates

All across the state public schools are starting their standardized tests but the software company sent out an update last weekend and that means schools had just two days to get all the kinks out.

No matter the problems parents noticed one thing this week.

"The kids are very anxious, not able to sleep, they are just very nervous," says parent, Latisha Monreal.

Being anxious isn't uncommon for state testing time. These scores are part of the A through F grading for school districts and they help the district measure other things.

"For elementary students, we also use this test data when we start looking at our schedules and start building schedules for the next school year. So we can best serve them," Chris Johnson, Assistant Superintendent of Accountability for Tulsa Public Schools, says.

For TPS, the third through fifth graders still use paper and pencil for testing but sixth through twelfth graders use computers and that's where the problems have begun. In fact, TPS junior high students aren't testing until Thursday.

"It's always difficult when you come in on Monday or Tuesday and something isn't quite right with your update or a software package has been pushed out," says Johnson.

CTB/McGraw-Hill is responsible for the testing this year. And Johnson said they have had other problems with the company this year.

"This is a new company that has done the state testing. There has been some issues in delays and issues with last minute changes and some communication errors," Johnson said.

Union Public Schools are also having some smaller problems but are still testing on Wednesday. And no matter if your student is testing this week or next, parents are making sure their students are ready.

"We make sure that they have a good dinner. That they have quiet time. They have reading time. They go to bed on time. They get up on time. They have breakfast before they leave the house and then they have breakfast again when they come to school," says Monreal says.

Each school district has four weeks to get all the tests complete. High school seniors start their tests next Monday and have to pass four out the seven tests to graduate.