Standoff Ends With Rape Suspect In Custody

Tulsa Police arrested a man wanted for rape Thursday night after a standoff that lasted hours.

It all took place at the London Square Apartments near 61st and Lewis. That's when they were notified around 6 p.m that wanted suspect 43-year-old David Ray Childers was at the apartment.

TPD told KTUL that when they went to make the arrest, Childers barricaded himself in his apartment and armed himself with a knife. He threatened to kill himself or force police to kill him if officers tried to take him away.

Despite hours of verbal negotiations and pepper ball rounds, Childers remained steadfast in his standoff. This forced TPD to call in their special operations team around 10:30 p.m. They tried to negotiate with Childers but that did not work. So, they shot chemicals into the apartment.

The suspect came out, but put up a fight. TPD used special tactics to force him down.

Childers is wanted in a rape case from 2012, but is a convicted felon for drugs, stealing, and robbery. Chider's mother, Glenda Childers, heard from her son as the standoff was happening.

"I got a phone call and he said he was surrounded by a SWAT team and police. And I told him to hang on and he said he was sorry he didn't mean to miss his court date," Glenda Childers said.

She says he was simply scared.

"He was scared the police were going to hurt him. He was going to be a minister. He was preaching on Wednesdays and Sunday morning at David Moss, so why would all the police and all this chaos go on? And they wouldn't even let me talk to him," Childers added.

Childers now faces a new charge of resisting arrest in addition to his previous ones.