State Cracking Down on Insurance Scofflaws

Tulsa County Sheriff's Deputies stop drivers as they come off I-44 at a traffic safety checkpoint, late Saturday Night.

It's estimated one out of every four Oklahoma drivers on the road is driving without insurance coverage and it's an expensive problem the Oklahoma Insurance Commission wants to put a stop to.

Saturday Night, the Oklahoma Insurance Commission teamed up with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office for a driver safety checkpoint at I-44 and 49th West Avenue.

Over the period of four hours, nearly forty citations were handed out to drivers for insurance-related issues.

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak tells, that the insurance commission is taking this problem "very seriously." He adds, drivers need to "take that personal responsibility if you're going to drive on Oklahoma roads and make sure you're protecting the other person."

The penalty for not carrying state minimum coverage can result in fines of up to $250 dollars and the suspension of your driver's license.

Doak says he'd like to see those penalties increased as a deterrent to prevent folks from driving uninsured.

The Insurance Commission will be teaming up with law enforcement in counties across the state for similar enforcement operations. The operations are being paid for through fines collected through the Commission's Anti Fraud Unit.