State Encouraging Preparation After Recent Earthquakes

With several earthquakes reported over the weekend - and in recent years - a state commissioner is now encouraging some sweeping changes for Oklahomans, to get them better-prepared.

For midtown resident, Mark Lobo, the idea of earthquakes here at home, recently, became all too real. "We noticed that the doorway to our master bath had gone out of square," Lobo said, telling Tulsa's Channel 8 about his experience last year, after the largest earthquake in Oklahoma history, with an epicenter in Lincoln County. That quake was felt, as far away as Tulsa.

Lobo's home saw some minor damage that he still has not made repairs to. He says those repairs would likely cost more than they are worth.

He is not alone. Lobo is one of the more than 90% of Oklahomans living without earthquake insurance. Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner, John Doak said that is something he wants to change.

With a new report predicting even more seismic activity in the future, Doak is encouraging all Oklahomans to invest in earthquake insurance.

"Oklahoma's not commonly known for earthquakes, but now that it is and we have some active situations, it's really in the best interest of the consumer to sit down with their licensed agent or broker [and] review their policies," Doak said.

He says earthquake insurance can cost anywhere from $50 to $300 a month, depending on the value of your home.