State Law Maker Challenges Schools on Gun Policies

State Rep. Sally Kern has introduced a new bill that would allow students to make guns out of pastries, with no penalties.

The bill challenges schools that might be harsh on punishment. This comes after a student in Maryland was suspended for making a gun, out of a pop tart pastry.

Here in Tulsa, Tulsa Public School's Chief, Gary Rudick showed us that they deal with toy guns that look real, not pastries. Rudick says he has never seen a student suspended for making a gun from food.

This new bill dubbed. "The Common Sense Zero Tolerance Bill" is scripted to prevent schools from punishing students who make gun sound or use their fingers to simulate a weapon.

"I find that offensive because it infers that we have a whole bunch of people in this state who don't have any common sense. And up to this point, I haven't seen a single incident in state of Oklahoma where somebody failed to show common sense in a similar case," said Rudick.