State Test Breakdown Continues To Haunt Schools and Graduations

Today is the last day of school for Tulsa Public Schools. But some students still dont' have closure, when it comes to end of year tests. We found out the results are not in, and some students have no clue if they will receive a diploma.

There are some seniors nervous about graduation. The Accountability office is working to clear those seniors in time for graduations which begin next Tuesday.

When the computerized testing malfunctioned, students had to wait hours to see if their tests were saved. Many others had retakes and some of those tests were end of year exams, that could prevent a student from graduating

Carver Middle School still missing 94 tests for students to take, this week. The test arrived Wednesday morning. Students tested that afternoon.

Seniors who still need make up tests, will still be able to participate in graduation ceremonies and walk across the stage.

"Whether they would have passed the first time before it crashed I don't know. None of us know that. But we should not be faced with that," said Dr. Keith Ballard. Students must have completed all coursework, and upon passing tests, will receive diplomas.

All the testing is complete for now. Seniors who didn't pass their test will have to retake it some time in June.