State Troopers Crack Down on Route 66 Drivers

Green County residents cruising down Route 66 this weekend may want to double-check their seat belts are properly secure due to highway patrol troopers cracking down.

Beginning this Friday and running for 24 hours, eight states will take part in a seat belt crackdown enforcing seat belt and child passenger safety laws. And Oklahoma is part of the quarterly "Get Your 'Clicks' on Route 66.'"

According to a report in The Collinsville News, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Kansas and Illinois have joined with Oklahoma in enforcing seat belt laws along the famed "Mother Road," said OHP Lt. Ben Crockett, coordinator for the program.

"As law enforcement officers, one of the hardest parts of our job is notifying families that a loved one has died in a crash," Crockett said. "It's particularly difficult when the tragedy could have been avoided, had the person just made the choice to use his or her seat belt."

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 13,000 lives are saved across the country every year by seat belts and child restraints, and motorists are 75 percent less likely to be killed in rollover crashes if they are buckled up.The Collinsville News contributed to this report.