State Troopers Hitting Area Streets to Crack Down on Crime

As a driver, you don't know exactly who is in the car next to you.

And state troopers say some drivers are breaking the law, carrying drugs or illegal weapons on a mission to commit crimes. This weekend, they will take to the streets with Operation Safe Roads looking for people breaking traffic laws.

But first they have mapped out the troubled crime ridden areas. State troopers are working with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office as well.

They know where the meth labs are concentrated. You can see them by the colored dots on the crime tracking map.

Troopers have figured out that most crime happens right inside the city limits, from 51st on the south to the Gilcrease highway on the north.

"When we are making traffic stops we are solving a tremendous amount of crime just off an initial traffic stop. You get fake ids, drug shipments, you get all kinds of stolen property and that is how we reduce crime," said Shannon Clark, of the Tulsa County Sheriff's office.

The crackdown runs through next Sunday.