State Troopers Hope For Raise As State Budget Moves On, Without It

Supporters for state troopers are pushing for a pay raise. At the same time, lawmakers are pushing ahead with approvals for the 7.1 billion dollar budget, without the raise, included.

The raise was part of a bill that was stuck in committee. State troopers say they will continue protecting the public with or without a raise.tate troopers were expecting a 16-percent increase. Patrol officers with 7 years experience have not received a raise in 7 years.

A trooper fresh out of the academy would have gone from about 33 thousand a year, to more than 38. The Department of Public Safety is down in manpower. There is room for 175 more troopers. At any given point, 200 officers could announce they are retiring. Their current academy will graduate 43 new cadets, in July.

State troopers say their job is not about the money. But there are challenges and shortages.

"You do have to look at the pay. We do have to provide for our families but we have troopers that work other jobs. We have troopers that this is not their only job so we do with what we have. And no matter what happens we continue to provide that service," said Ca pt. George Brown who says some troopers have to cover more than one county because of their shortages.

State troopers expect to have more officers on patrol, after the next academy scheduled in 2014.