State's Efforts To Make Marriages Strong Continues

It's still easier to get married in Oklahoma than it is to divorce. Here at the courthouse there's a lot of activity. But are the efforts to see fewer divorces working?

It's Laura Fortner's third trip to the courthouse.

"I am going through a non-contested divorce and hopefully get it granted today," says Fortner.

While she's heard of Oklahoma's Marriage Initiative to help married couples build stronger marriages. She says it's too late for her.

"You just can't work it out."

But some marriages can be saved and those are the ones family and children services wants to reach.

"Their happiness goes up their communication skills get better," says Little.

It's 6 weeks of marriage boot camp. Its tough work but marriages become stronger.

"And yeah we hear that a lot, this saved our relationship, this is the one thing we went to in all the time we've been together that helped up make that pivot to we're going to try this again," says Little.

But Laura Fortner says she's done trying, and after 7 years, she's correcting a mistake.

"Everybody's nervous and scared, but if you have that doubt and you're wondering ooh it will always be there, it really doesn't go away. So, don't get married." says Fortner.

For couples who already have, and still have unmet needs, Family and Children's services offers it's forever, for real workshop helping couples manage conflict, better communicate and have fun. Oh don't worry about the cost.

"It's free, free, free, free, free," adds Little.

The workshop through Family and Children's Services starts February 14th, Valentine's Day and for those completing the 6 week class there's something even sweeter, a free night's stay at the Doubletree. Classes are for individuals who are single, married or engaged.