Statues Along Riverside Being Moved for Planned 55 Acre Park

Tulsa residents may notice this summer that well-known statues along Riverside Drive are being removed.

But officials with the Riverparks Authority stated they aren't being removed for good. Instead they will be relocated during the construction of the planned "Gathering Place" park.

Riverparks Director Matt Myer told KTUL that the 12 pieces scattered beside the Arkansas River instead will be moved around different areas of the 55 acre park. But first a relocation plan will need to be drafted for the Arts Commission and then submitted to the Board of Trustees.

Myer added that Riverparks also will need to reach out to those who donated the statues before they can be relocated. He said that the cost of the process would be less than $100,000 and no public tax money would be used.

Completion of Phase 1 is scheduled for 2017. Officials said they expected about 600,000 visitors to the park each year.