Steamy Text Messages Lead to Teacher's Firing

As the sun set over the home of the Tigers, there wasn't a student in sight on the campus of Liberty schools. At the convening of the school board it was all adults, until the testimony was read that sounded purely adolescent.

"That's cool, how about a steamy make out session then?" said Principal Matthew Sweet, reading a text message not from a teen, but allegedly from the phone of a former teacher, 29 year-old Earl Tennial.

"I want to suck your neck and hump your leg. I'm half vampire and half Chihuahua," he read.

The texts were allegedly sent to a 15 year-old female student.

"I would be upset if this happened to my daughter," said Bryan Drummond, attorney for the school, making the case before the board for the firing of Tennial.

"He lied to us. We confronted him about allegations, and he flat out did not tell the truth," he said.

The texting was discovered mid December, upon which at first there was little to no cooperation as the matter was looked into.

"I told him to not have any contact with any of the people in the investigation including the girl he was accused of texting and also to obtain the phone logs for us. And he didn't do either of those? No," said Liberty superintendent Donna Campo.

But administrators say once they obtained the texts and started to read them to Tennial he didn't want to hear them.

"Ok, tomorrow I will unleash my special powers on you, don't be surprised if you turn into a vampire that likes to pee on trees," read principal Sweet.

The board went into executive session for literally one minute before voting to approve the superintendent's recommendation to fire Tennial.

"Inappropriate, sexual nature, and prey upon an impressionable child and we can not tolerate or allow that to continue," said Drummond.