{}{} Meet 11 year old Steven, whose interests are........everything.....especially recycling.

{}"I like to recycle more than you can ever imagine."

Which was a no brainer for Jacob at Metropolitan Environmental Trust or MET, to show Steven the ropes at their recycling center on South Sheridan.

{}"got any national geographic's in here? Cause I'll take those. There's probably some buried in there."

Steven is curious about the world and everything in it.

{}"I want to learn about a lot of stuff in the whole wide world and I want to learn to do everything in the whole wide world."

When he's not recycling and saving the world, Steven says he also likes skateboarding, riding a bike or scooter and likes to exercise too.

{}"what do you like to exercise? I like to lift weights and stuff. You got muscles? No, not really. Show us your muscle. That's a muscle!"

Steven is outgoing and gets along well with adults and kids and appreciates structure in his life. No surprise that he likes science and math or what he wants to be in life.

{}"I want to be an engineer when I grow up. I could see you being a good engineer. Cause with legos I can make mostly anything.....I can make a dinosaur with it's arms and legs to move."

Steven also likes to make houses with legos, the type of house he would one day like to live in with a family.......and not just any family.

{}"A nice family with kids and we go on vacation during the summer and I like a good family that takes care of me."

{}if you're the family that's looking to take care of an outgoing inquisitive young boy, call 866-612-2565 for more information about Steven.

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