Still No Decision About Renovating North Tulsa Park

B.C. Franklin Park demolition in May

North Tulsa residents have a little more time to voice their opinions on the future of B.C.Franklin Park.

The park's old recreation center was demolished a few months back.

But what will go up in its place has not been decided.

Citizens and city leaders have met several times.

And the deadline's been extended indefinitely..

But Councilor Jack Henderson wants to create a timeline, so work at the park can begin sooner rather than later.

"Now that we have more time, one of my concerns is that we're going to overthink this and spend more time trying to come up with these ideas than necessary. And the longer it takes, the less we're going to be able to get with the money that's available. Prices of everything goes up every day."

Residents have so far rejected the idea of a water park.

They're also upset over money.

They say the city has $2,000,000 to spend on renovations.

But the city says, not so. It only has $750,000.