Stocking Up For The Storm

The conveyor belts were busy Wednesday night, as word that told man winter would soon be making his grand arrival.

"I've been listening to Jennifer and it's evidently going to be bad so I had to come to the store and make sure we have everything we need to survive for a few days," said shopper Buddy Miller.

A sentiment shared at the checkout lane by the Wilsons.

"We needed to make sure we had bread, butter, eggs, ice cream, and some vegetables to make stew," said Phyllis Wilson.

Also in demand, the non-perishable item of a snow shovel.

"Well, I've lived on campus for the past three years and this is my first year living off campus, so if it snows a lot I gotta take care of myself," said TU student Becca.

And speaking of traveling, we pulled over a tiny driver near Cheerios Lane.

"My daughter's name is Vivianna Mata," said Miranda of her toddler.

Vivianna, let's talk about driving in snow and ice. Do you like to stay slow? Oh really, so you like to fish tail. You know that's not safe.

Meanwhile, over in what's left of the bread aisle, Marion was struggling trying to find some buns.

"We're having a potluck tomorrow at the office so I was looking for the King's Hawaiian hamburger buns. Oh, right down this way 'mam. Oh they do. You saved me," she smiled.

So good luck tomorrow, and remember to be kind to your fellow drivers out there tomorrow. A little communication goes a long way.