Storm Debris Heats Up Race for Mayor

As the clean up continues, the piles of dead tree limbs are becoming lively topic in the race for mayor.

"We are past, 20 days past that storm and we're still seeing debris piles all over the city," said mayoral candidate Kathy Taylor, slamming Mayor Bartlett on the plan for pick up.

"I don't see the mayor's voice in this, I don't see him saying, 'Stop, let's figure this out, let's figure out how to do this right,'" she said.

"We're having a good success," said Mayor Bartlett, slamming his opponent right back.

"Kathy quit, and now she wants the job back again, and she's using these very negative, divisive tactics that are really unnecessary," he said.

On Taylor's Facebook campaign page, a graphic compares the cleanup rate of the ice storm under her administration to the current storm cleanup rate.

"On a per day basis we were able to pick up much more debris than is being picked up now," she said.

"It's a whole different deal, it's an apples to oranges comparison," said Bartlett.

"What we're trying to do is live within our budget, within our means, not expend our overtime only two months into our fiscal year," he said.

"We've heard there's gonna be no overtime, we've heard there is a 6 day week, 10 hours a day overtime, we've heard 10 people, 20 people, 120 people," she said.

"We've expended about $50,000 of overtime, we anticipate about $100, $150,000 total expenditure. I mean this is compared to $26 million that Kathy spent picking up debris because of the ice storm," he said.

A stormy battle over storm debris, with no doubt, more political battles in the forecast.

"Tulsans are angry," said Taylor.

"The public has shown as they always do, lots of patience," said Bartlett.