Storm Debris Removal Begins

Some neighborhoods across Tulsa are getting a Monday morning pick me up. Among the first is 103rd and Delaware. Quite the site for the Doddy family and sisters Addison and Annabella.

"Just giant teeth," says Addison.

It looks like a giant claw. It's what's being used to pick up limbs from last weeks storms. For residents the job is getting tree debris to the curb.

"Well yesterday we were out here all day. From 9 to about 5 last night getting the tree cut down and all the debris picked up out of the yard," says Jennifer Doddy

One hundred twenty city employees are assigned to debris removal that's waiting for pickup. They'll making one pass through neighborhoods. Even though the work started today, still some people weren't expecting it.

"No I figured you never know, it's kind of nice to have it done and the girls have enjoyed watching the truck come and take the trees," says Doddy.

This process is expected to take weeks. it would go faster if residents would put the limbs in 4 foot bundles which look like this and place them next to the curb. Once it's gone, what a relief.

"Yes. We're going to miss our tree but the mess is nice having that all cleaned up yeah," says Jennifer.

And as the trucks pull away, crews may not always hear it..

"Thank you, thank you," says Addison and Annabella.

There are even the youngest among us who are grateful.