Stranger Assaults On the Rise in Tulsa

Attacks by strangers are on the rise in Tulsa from 144 in 2011 to 167 last year. During the same period of time, sexual assaults have also increased citywide.

The number of reported crimes climbed from 432 to 489. Experts says with numbers increasing, you need to pay attention and there are several things you can do to be safe.

"Take a self-defense class or learn how to not check in every place you go on Facebook. So, if someone wanted to attack you they would know where to find you. Learn to travel in groups as opposed to being alone," says Angela Brown, DVIS Education Coordinator, "You have to learn to trust your instincts. If we learn to listen to our instincts they make us aware when something is not right or not okay."

Brown says more than anything you need to be prepared. Make sure you know how you would react.

"Not only think about how you are going to react but practice your reaction. If you are a quiet person and you can't even imagine yourself yelling at someone saying no, then you should practice yelling 'no' loud so that you aren't so afraid of your voice," says Brown

The best thing you can do is be alert at all times.

"I need to be looking around at all times I need to make sure no one is following me making sure that no one is following me to my car making sure that there is not like some weird person standing next to my car," says Brown.

If you are victim, Brown says don't worry about coming forward. You can call the DVIS crisis line at 918-743-5763. They offer free exams and can give you information about your options if you are assaulted.