Street CReD Event Promotes Outdoor Activity in Tulsa

Street CReD: Urban Core is an event being held in downtown Tulsa today from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. to promote exercise, walking and biking in the area.

The mission of the event is to spur pedestrian-based development in southern downtown and 20 nonprofit organizations will be present at the event to help demonstrate what the area would be like if walking, biking and exercise were a dominant part of Tulsa's culture.

Mayfest, INCOG and the Tulsa Foundation for Architecture are among the nonprofit organizations present that will be helping to simulate what an pedestrian-dominant downtown Tulsa would look like.

Biking will be available throughout the event's setup on a cycletrack south of 15th Street. Games for kids will be available along with sports recreation activities, from basketball to a skate park.

Art vendors will be at the outdoor event as well and plenty of food and music. Education and yoga classes will also be available.

The location of the event will stretch along a mile-long activity route from 5th and Boston to 21st and Riverside.