Strong Winds Lead to Warning, Grass Fires Sunday

A Red Flag Warning was in effect for most of northeastern Oklahoma Sunday, with high winds leading to several grass fires across the area.

On Southwest Blvd. in west Tulsa a rogue shopping cart was swept away from its rightful place in the Goodwill parking lot and ended up in the road, battling traffic.

But, the high winds created some much more serious scenes Sunday, with grass fires popping up across the Tulsa metro. Firefighters found themselves responding to the blazes throughout the day.

In Owasso, fire crews and neighbors jumped into action, working to keep a rapidly-spreading grass fire from becoming a house fire.

Captain Kris DeMauro with the Owasso Fire Department said, the fire was, apparently, started by a nearby pit fire from last night that was not put out completely. The flames came within inches of nearby homes and destroyed a storage building on one resident's property.

"You know, it's so dry with that cold air and, then, the wind picks up and it doesn't take very much and a small ember from a fire that's been put out twelve hours ago, just can get caught up in a gust of wind and then, next thing you know, we've got several yards on fire," DeMauro said.

Sustained winds were reported around 20 mph on Sunday afternoon with even higher gusts.