Struggling Schools May Partner With Harvard Program

Tonight, parents will learn about a new program that could start in several schools.

McLain High is the focus, but the feeder schools, including Burroughs Elementary could all partner with Harvard University's Edlab program.

McLain has achieved some success over the years, receiving a "C" letter grade from the state, last year and the year before, outpacing the district average on the number of high school graduates. But McLain has not made the expected strides, even after name changes and curriculum changes.

Soon, the school could partner with Harvard's Edlab. This would mean a rigorous curriculum and about a hundred tutors that would allow one tutor for every two students at McLain. The tutors would work during and after school The school day could be extended as well.

This is a six million dollar project, that would help struggling schools get on track.

"We have seen improvement in McLain, over the last couple of years and we just really we think now is the time to put some focus on it. It's not good enough. And we know that and want to make it better," said Chris Payne, Tulsa Public School spokesperson.

Right now administrators are expecting the six million dollars to come from donors. And the school board still has to approve it. If they do, there could be staffing changes in the coming school year, and more curriculum changes, the following year.