Student Who Plotted School Shooting Sentenced to 30 Months

Sammie Eaglebear Chavez

A Bartlesville teenager was found guilty of plotting a shooting at his high school has been formally sentenced to 30 months jail time and a $5,000 fine.

Sammie Chavez, 19, was found guilty in September on the charge of conspiring to commit an act of violence.

Jurors recommended the 30 month sentence and fine.

He will receive credit for time served. Chavez has been in jail since he was arrested last December.

After he has served his sentence, he will be under supervised probation for 12 months.

A classmate testified during the trial that he heard Chavez talking about violence in the lunchroom in December. He said that Chavez referenced luring students into the auditorium and have friends posted at the upper levels. He allegedly talked about chaining the doors and using bombs to deter police and shooting his classmates there.

Chavez has said was not serious and just joking.

Earlier this month, court documents were released showing several people has filed petitions asking the judge to give the maxim sentence of 10 years instead of the sentence recommended by the jury.