Students Get Creative During The Great Lego Build-Off

Young designers have spent the summer building their best Lego creations.

Friday, they competed during the Great Lego Build-off.

The top three from each regional contest in Tulsa County advanced to the finals.

Each designer explained to the judges why their Lego creation was worthy of first place.

To qualify for the finals, each one built an original creation based on the summer reading program "Dig Into Reading" and "Beneath the Surface."

Organizers say the contest helps the kids learn while they have fun.

"The Lego build-off is a great way for them to have fun, but the kids are also learning some really important skills," says Christina Walsh with the library. "They're learning how to be creative, how to build things and learning spatial reasoning and things like that. So it's really good. We're hoping we have some future engineers here today."

She says it's a way to get kids interested in building. "They're excited. This is really fun. Lego's are huge right now, and there's a lot of boys that are really interested, but we also have some girls competing today."

The competition came down to 54 finalists. Winners got prizes and bragging rights.