UPDATE: TU Explains Delay On Information In Student Armed Robberies

The University of Tulsa explains why it chose not to immediately inform students of two armed robberies on and near campus Thursday evening.

Administrators waited until Friday morning to send an email to students detailing the two incidents.

Shortly following the crimes, police told the school that the suspects were already using the credit cards they stole miles from campus.

The cards were used at a store near 81st and Mingo, the school said. That distance prompted officials to not activate the school's emergency email and text system.

"Because all information pointed clearly to the fact that the suspects had traveled several miles away from the university, campus officers determined that the TU community was not in any immediate danger," a university release states.

During the crimes, one student was held on the ground at gunpoint and robbed near the Norman Village around 6:15pm Thursday. The two suspects took his wallet and ran.

While police were taking the student's report, another robbery call came in nearby at 11th Street and Pittsburg.

That's where another TU-student was reportedly robbed. The suspect description was the same as the men in the first case.

Neither student was physically injured, the school said.

TU has an emergency e-mail and instant text message alert system that students must opt-in to receive information.

Students have called Channel 8 to voice concern on why information didn't come out until several hours after the fact.

"As soon as university offices opened Friday morning, administrators were briefed on the incidents and an announcement was immediately emailed to all students, faculty and staff as well as distributed to the news media," said Kayla Acebo, vice president of Public Relations. "Campus security is keenly aware of the situation and concerns of students and their families."

Authorities described the suspects as tall black men, approximately 6-foot-3, wearing dark hoodies and baggy jeans. One was wearing a gray hat, and the other had cornrows.

TU security reminds students to call Campus Security at 918-631-5555 or the Tulsa Police Department at 911 if they see something suspicious.

Vice president of public relations Kayla Acebo and other public information officials were unavailable Friday afternoon for on-camera interviews.