Green Country Students Begin State Mandated Tests

Students across Oklahoma have been preparing this week for one of their most important tests this year.

Parents, teachers and administrators have been getting students ready for the state tests that began Thursday morning since early this year. Here in Green Country districts like Sapulpa Public Schools also have been preparing software and computers after widespread malfunctions were reported during testing last year.

"New software has been installed this year from the vendor and we've done all the preparations they've asked," Joe Slitzker, business and information technology director for SPS said. He added SPS have not changed any of their own IT systems, but just finished tasks McGraw-Hill asked them to complete.

Previous reports from KTUL state issues with McGraw-Hill's servers prevented some students across Oklahoma from finishing their tests last year. Those servers would reportedly become overloaded and crash.

Those issues prompted Broken Arrow Superintendent Jerod Mendenhall to write Oklahoma Superintendent Janet Barresi and the board of education a letter addressing his frustration with the online tests. He questioned why the state renewed its contract with McGraw-Hill after all the issues students experienced.

McGraw-Hill and officials with the department of education have assured Oklahoma school districts that issues with the software have been resolved.