Studies Find Direct Link Between Poverty and Academic Performance

A growing number of studies find links between income level and academic performance.

For a lot of students, what's happening at home can easily spill over into the classroom and child psychologists say that is often the case.

With one-in-six residents living below the poverty line, Oklahoma has the sixteenth highest rate of poverty in the nation.

That's according to a study from the "Oklahoma Policy Institute."

For the youngest among us the challenges of growing up in poverty easily translate to the classroom.

Carrie Little with "Family and Children's Services" says, "Those children are facing hurdles greater than many of their peers by the first day of school."

And with the results of standardized tests often deciding whether a student will move on to the next grade, the pressure is on.

Little says, "For those students held back the impact can sometimes reach far beyond the next school year."

That's why she says alternative options are a must and reaching the child as early as possible is key to their success.

"We're going to want to get those kids at an early education level so we can start things like reading to them and learning their abc's and doing things before they're even in the public school system."

Little says if you're a parent worried about your child's performance at school...

Don't be afraid to reach out for help.

She says there are plenty of options out there to help your student succeed.

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