Substitute Teacher Pay Increases For Some Struggling Schools

The Tulsa School Board voted to raise the pay for substitute teachers at Anderson, Burroughs elementary, Gilcrease, Penn, Springdale, Whitman elementary schools, The Dual Language Immersion, McLain Junior and Senior High Schools.At these schools, the district has trouble filling substitute teaching jobs. Normally the district fills 68% of jobs and at the targeted schools, it's more like 60%.There are some things that all 9 schools have in common. They are except two schools are "D" or "F" schools. Board member, Lana Turner encouraged citizens to apply for the job where substitutes without a degree can make as much as $80 a day. "I would encourage people to really... substitute teachers out there, really take on the assignment to helping these schools that many people that often look at as second tier. There has been a lot of progress in the schools in north Tulsa," said Turner-Addison.The human resources department plans to use this pilot program to see if additional pay helps bring in more substitute teachers.