Success Runs In The BIffle Family

Bass angler Tommy Biffle is well known around the fishing world - the 27 year pro has grossed more than $2 million in winnings over his career.

As impressive as that is - it's nothing compared to Biffle's younger brother, Greg Biffle. The NASCAR driver has amassed over $56 million in career earnings.

"You know, I taught Greg how to drive when we were little", Tommy says. "He went to drive NASCAR, and I went to bass fishing. I think he made the right decision."

There might be a question as to who is the more successful of the Biffle's - but not about who has the more stressful job.

"Oh, it's got to be the Bassmaster, gotta be a lot more stressful. You know, you're out there trying to catch a little green fish in cold weather that you can't see. All he's got to do is put the pedal to the medal and hope he don't hit the wall."

In all seriousness, Tommy and Greg are not relatives... although Tommy told me he's met Greg a couple of times, and told him that he takes credit for teaching him how to drive.