Suicide Attempt Thwarted By Cop's Bullet

They are unpredictable situations to respond to - suicide attempts. And in Warner a life was saved in a very unpredictable manner.

"You know when you go into one of these deals you got about a half a second to make a decision sometimes," said Muskogee County Sheriff Charles Pearson, setting the scene for a suicidal situation officers responded to in the town of Warner.

"He had been cutting on himself, cut his arms, legs, and stomach," he said.

A man, who authorities say, they've dealt with before on mental issues.

"You've heard the term suicide by cop, that's something that's constantly going through our mind," he said.

The sheriff says officers used a taser but to no avail, and shortly after the man fled with the knife pointed at his chest.

"When the suspect went to turn around to fall on the knife, (Warner Police Chief) Terry (Thompson) shot him," he said.

Wounded in the upper thigh, he's expected to make a full recovery. Meanwhile the District Attorney will be performing a routine review of the shooting.

"Knowing the chief like I do, he made the best decision at the time he thought was possible," he said.

A decision, the once suicidal man, apparently appreciates.

"In his statement he wrote the chief saved his life," said Pearson.