Sullivan Works To Keep American Airlines Maintenance Jobs in Tulsa

Today, Congressman John Sullivan sent a letter to United States Trustee Brian Masumoto, who is overseeing the Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings for American Airlines parent company, AMR Corporation.{}

Sullivan's letter calls on the bankruptcy board to take into account the positive economic aspects of keeping the American Airlines engineering and maintenance facility in Tulsa as they begin the process of restructuring the company.{}

American Airlines is the largest private employer in Oklahoma providing essential maintenance jobs for nearly 6,400 workers.{}

The text of the Sullivan letter is below.

January 19, 2012Mr. Brian MasumotoOffice the United States Trustee{}33 Whitehall Street, 21st Floor{}New York, NY 10004Mr. Masumoto,{}Your recently acquired duties in overseeing the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing of AMR Corporation on behalf of the United States Trustee, places a tremendous responsibility on you and your staff. As you continue to oversee American Airlines bankruptcy proceedings, I urge you to consider the positive economic impact of keeping American Airlines Maintenance and Engineering Center in Tulsa.{}Since June 1946, Tulsa, Oklahoma has served as the international headquarters for American Airlines Maintenance and Engineering Center. American Airlines is the largest private employer in Oklahoma with nearly 6,400 dedicated maintenance workers, 4,700 of which are fully licensed aircraft and jet mechanics. Each year, the base performs major overhaul work on more than 85% of American's fleet. The base also handles aircraft maintenance for other carriers on a contract basis.{} As you may know, American Airlines is one of the only domestic carriers that bases its aircraft maintenance in the United States, providing essential jobs for workers while keeping high skilled manufacturing jobs in our country. {}Depending on how the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is structured, it could have a devastating impact on states and localities, like Tulsa, OK, where American Airlines has served as a primary job creator. Consequently, Tulsa and its' residents could be among those hardest hit by the bankruptcy of AMR Corporation, estimated to have a total impact on Oklahoma's Gross Domestic Product of $6,395.5 million, and total job impact of 64,000 employees. These individuals and their families have served AMR, Inc. with dedication and resolve through the economic downturn, and remain an exemplary illustration of the skill of American workers when jobs are kept in this country. It is critical that these jobs remain in Tulsa.I would like to commend you and your staff for retaining such critical entities on your bankruptcy board as the Transport Worker's Union (TWU). These are the hard working individuals who have served as the backbone of American Airlines maintenance and service operations, ensuring that American Airlines continues to deliver a quality product that is enjoyable for its' customers.{}Thank you for your dedication to the reorganization of AMR Corporation, and your mindful consideration of the employed individuals and families this undertaking will affect.{} As you continue to oversee AMR's bankruptcy proceedings, I urge you to remain mindful that decisions made in the reorganization of, AMR Corporation will affect thousands of workers and families in Tulsa Oklahoma. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact my Washington, DC office at{}(202) 225-2211.Sincerely,John SullivanMember of Congress