Summer Like Weather Might Start Earlier This Year

Extended data is indicating that a ridge of high pressure will build into the Central Plains early next week. What does that mean for us in Oklahoma? Dry and warm. Normally, we start to see this occur in late June into July. This ridge typically brings us the hottest temperatures of the year. This doesn't mean that we will go right into a summer pattern and not see any rain for the rest of May. However, this is not a good sign to see this develop this early in the year.

This could actually worsen the already drought stricken state of Oklahoma, and potentially influence our summer weather. Dry air is much easier to warm than moist air. So, without moisture evaporating from the ground into the atmosphere, the air would tend to be a little more dry, therefore, allowing temperatures to soar. This is return, would give you hotter daytime temperatures.

June can still be a rather wet month, so there is still time to get some much needed rainfall in the area. But, the clock is ticking and time is running thin.