Rogers County Restaurants Begin Serving Sunday Alcohol

Some residents in Rogers County are enjoying the first Sunday for legal alcohol sales at area restaurants.

Back in June during the primary election, more than 8,000 voters voiced their approval for the proposition. Commissioners in Rogers County then voted to let it take effect July 1 with Sunday being the first day for restaurants to offer more than 3.2 beer.

"This gives them a chance to grow and maybe expand if they want to," Tonya Andrew with the Claremore Convention and Visitor's Bureau said. "But also maybe recruit in some new restaurants, maybe some things we don't have."

Previous reports from KTUL state that officials in Rogers County believed that more than $200,000 in sales tax revenue was lost before the voters approved the law. That money went to bordering counties, like Tulsa County, and also made it difficult for new businesses to invest.

Liquor stores in Rogers County will remained closed on Sundays.