Sunday's Rain Won't Ease Oklahoma Drought

Sunday morning about a quarter to half an inch of rain fell across Green Country.

According to Steve Plitz with the National Weather Service said this morning it rained hard for a few minutes, but the rain didn't last long enough to ease the Oklahoma drought.

"We are probably going to have some dry southwest winds blowing across the area and it will look very dry again. The top few inches of the soil will still be very dry," Plitz said.

Right now we are about three to six inches below normal for this time of year.

"If you go Tulsa and Northwest that's where it's been the driest in this part of the state. It's in the early stages of a drought. Down to the Southeast of Tulsa there's been more rains in there so they are more abnormally dry," Plitz said.

Plitz said so far the effects of the drought have been pretty minimal.

"The reservoirs are ok. We've had at least enough rain that the situation is not significant at the moment."

But that could change if we don't see more wet weather soon.

"If we don't pick up some good spring rains here in the next month or so by the time we start getting to June or July, it will start affecting ranchers and even water supply in some areas."

Plitz said we need about six inches of rainfall to help relief the drought in our state.

"You don't want it all at once. If we could have that spread around two or three events that would make a big dent in what's going on," Plitz said.