Super Bowl Prediction: Bulls Will Win

If you're looking for an excuse to throw some money into the stock market, here's one:{} the Super Bowl. It may sound silly, but there is some evidence to back it up.You may have heard about this one before.{} The outcome of the Super Bowl can predict the stock market's performance for the coming year.{} If the theory is true, 2011 will be a good year for stocks.We still have to wait more than a week to find out if it'll be the Green Bay Packers, or the Pittsburgh Steelers who will be victorious.{} But no matter which team comes out on top, stocks will be a winner this year, according to Super Bowl theory.That's because both teams are from the original National Football League, and when a team from the old NFL wins, the stock market usually goes up.{} Don't laugh, that theory has been right nearly 80% of the time."It's probably true," according to Don Jackson of UBS Financial Services, "only because the market is up more often than not." He doesn't take a whole lot of stock in the theory, because the two aren't related. Here's how Jackson puts it: "You could also say the market goes up when the sun shines, and the sun shines a lot."Want to throw your money at yet another maybe meaningless stat?{} Green Bay is the early favorite, but investors might be better off if Pittsburgh wins.{} MarketWatch says the Dow has risen an average of 14% in the three years that the Packers won, while rising an average of 18.4% in the six years that the Steelers were victorious.