Super-Sized Random Acts of Kindness

On this Christmas edition of Random Acts of Kindness, we turned to the clergy for guidance on those in need.

"She's had a number of difficulties and setbacks in her life," said Pastor Anthony Scott of Chrystal Holder, who, when we met her was having a minor difficulty with the dog Abby.

"Get in the house. Get in the house. Dog!"

"She is trying to start her life over again, having been in some situations that were abusive both physically and emotionally," he said.

"I try to put it in the past. Look towards the future," she said.

"She actually had expressed a desire to go home and see her family in Durant but did not have the resources," he said.

"I have been praying and working hard for the past three weeks trying to get money to go home for Christmas. I have a new nephew I haven't met yet," she smiled.

Back at First Baptist, Pastor Scott reached out to a social services coordinator for another deserving name.

"And he recommended this young lady who has one child and one on the way," he said of Marietta Colbert.

"I'm 24 I have my 4 year old daughter. I work at a daycare. I've been working at a daycare since 2008. I just recently started working with special needs kids and disabled kids. That's what you do? That's what I did for a year, and then I recently quit that one and moved to a different further place, so now I work at another day care that's out north. With toddlers," she said.

On to St. Pius, where Father Matt Gerlach told us about Ana Villasana.

"Kind of epitomizes the season of giving and the very gift of Christ to the world, that is not for her own purpose but it's to see others have joy, others find joy," he said.

She's got{}six younger sibling who aren't expecting anything for Christmas.

"Her desire to put her siblings above herself is a true testament to her character. I know she would use the money wisely to ensure her siblings, who she dearly loves, will get the Christmas they deserve," wrote St. Pius.

"Ana, how is it you're so selfless? Cause I mean if I see them happy then I'm happy. So that makes me happy. If I don't see them happy, then I'm just like, I need to do something," she said.

A fitting end to this episode of Random Acts. A recipient, whose about to turn right around and give to others.

"I appreciate everybody that's giving me this donation for my family. Thank you," said Ana.