Suspect Arrested after Alleged Craigslist Assaults

A Tulsa man was arrested Sunday night in relation to multiple armed robberies originating from Craigslist agreements.

On both April 28 and May 11 victims described that they agreed to meet with an individual on Craigslist, but when they met up, the victims said they were assaulted.

The locations of the two robberies were 520 East 55th Place North (April 28) and 823 North Florence Place (May 11).

Victims described seeing a lone black male at these two locations when arriving, but then being assaulted by two unknown males. In the first robbery, the victim was reportedly robbed of personal items. In the second robbery, the victim was robbed of personal items as well as his vehicle, a 2003 red Honda Civic.

The stolen vehicle was located by Tulsa Police officers around 10:30 p.m. Sunday. Officers stopped the vehicle. The suspect, Teangelo Cherry, 19, reportedly fled the vehicle.

A K-9 officer caught the victim and he was booked on multiple complaints of robbery by force.

He is being held on over $100,000 bond.