Suspect Arrested for Reported Cocaine Possession Near Child

A suspect with former felony convictions was arrested on complaints of possession of cocaine in the presence of a minor and child endangerment Monday afternoon.

The suspect, Marcus Moore, 28, had multiple outstanding warrants for his arrest. A Tulsa police officer watched the suspect grab something, then get out of his car near 6028 South Newport Avenue. The officer then contacted Moore and reportedly obtained consent to search his vehicle.

Inside, the officer found a plastic baggie that tested positive for cocaine. "The amount of cocaine was more than commonly possessed for personal use. Each rock was packaged in a method commonly used for sale/distribution," the police report states.

Also in the vehicle, was the suspect's minor child. His age was not given. The arresting officer noted that the vehicle was unattended, with the windows rolled up, and that the temperature inside the vehicle was higher than the outside temperature.

Moore is being held on over $90,000 bond.