Suspect Arrested for Stalking Woman, Assaulting Officer

Tulsa Police arrested a 31-year-old on stalking complaints along with assault and battery on a police officer complaints after he reportedly attempted to tackle an officer Wednesday shortly before midnight.

Police responded to the 5200 block of South Harvard Avenue after receiving word of a male in a parking lot hiding behind cars and looking suspicious.

When police arrived on scene, they found two white males chasing the suspect in the area. The officers commanded all three to stop, but the suspect then reportedly ran full speed at an officer and tried to tackle him.

Tulsa police report the suspect, Joshua Sexton, was extremely belligerent.

The suspect's ex-girlfriend told police that the suspect had been harassing and threatening her through text messages and phone calls. The woman reported that Sexton hangs around outside her apartment after he gets drunk, which leaves her feeling frightened. When the ex-girlfriend told the suspect that she would move and change her number, the suspect reportedly said "I will find you and your number no matter what you do."

The victim also believes Sexton slashed her tires on June 10.

Sexton is being held on $11,100 bond.