Detectives Arrest Suspect in Connection to Saturday's Fatal Shooting

A suspect is in custody in connection to the alleged murder of 57-year-old Richard Parker.

The incident occurred, Saturday July 12, at 8833 East Admiral Place outside the Tonight Inn and Suites.

"After an intense investigation into the murder of Richard Parker, Homicide Detectives, Fugitive Warrants, members of the Northern Oklahoma Violent Crimes Task Force arrested 26-year-old Kordarius Scott in the 3100 block of S Memorial," says Sergeant Dave Walker. "Detectives identified Scott as the shooter, Tuesday evening."

According to TPD, surveillance teams searched north and east Tulsa looking for Scott. Initial interviews at the scene gave investigators a small gold Ford product, with tinted windows as being involved in the shooting. Once Scott was identified one member of the surveillance team found a gold Ford Fusion matching the descriptions at 5600 N Cincinnati. Detectives followed the car until they could determine that Scott was in the vehicle.

"Scott was driving the car and pulled into the McDonalds lot at 3100 S Memorial. Identification was made and patrol officers along with detectives stopped Scott and arrested him without incident," says Sgt. Walker. "We are in the process of interviewing Scott and those that were in the vehicle with Scott."

The investigation reveals that Scott and Parker are acquainted with each other and a chance meeting at the Tonight Inn led to Scott shooting Parker. Due to the search for Parker, detectives do not know what exactly led to the murder.

They know that Scott is on interstate parole from Kansas. Due to the violent nature of the crime and the fear that Scott would flee the state it was imperative that they arrest Scott quickly.

Detectives received a great deal of assistance from TPD Narcotic officers, TPD Organized Gang Unit, Tulsa Police Crime Analysts, OK DOC Officers and Patrol Officers. The nature of the investigation led to very little information being released until Scott was identified.

Scott is arrested on a complaint of First Degree Murder.