Suspect Attempts to Escape DUI Arrest with Bribe, Fails

After being arrested on complaints of driving under the influence of alcohol, a Broken Arrow woman made matters worse for herself by reportedly attempting to escape the arresting Tulsa County deputy's vehicle and attempting to bribe him with sex.

The deputy reported watching the suspect's vehicle swerving across the roadway three times overnight Saturday near 8100 East 41st Street a little after midnight.

The deputy activated his emergency lights and the suspect's vehicle struck a curb and came to a stop. The suspect reportedly told the deputy that she had some alcohol that night along with a Xanax.

After being placed in the deputy's vehicle, the suspect, Christa Conway, 27, allegedly cursed the officer, said "I'm not going to jail," then opened the door and tried to run away. She did not succeed.

During the booking process at Tulsa County Jail, the suspect reportedly started scrambling for answers, attempting to bribe the arresting deputy. Conway reportedly said "I will give you a check for a thousand dollars if you let me go right now" and "I will have sex with you right if you let me go right now," in addition to the promise of oral sex.

The deputy told Conway it's a crime to bribe an officer when she she said "no one has to know," the police report states. The deputy reported the suspect became angry when he would not accept her bribe.

Conway is being held on $11,600 bond.

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