Suspect Booked for Reported Assault with Cane and Knives

Police say Ralph Vest, a 61-year-old female, threatened to kill women at a party with knives and a cane after 8 p.m. Saturday.

The police report says the suspect interrupted a party on the 3700 block of South Indianapolis with a knife, spit on the neck of one woman, and then left the party.

Then, Vest reportedly came back to the party, this time with a large knife, swinging it about, and putting it in one woman's face, while cursing and threatening to kill them all.

The suspect once again left, only to come back with a different knife and a cane. The women told police they were threatened to be attacked with the knives and cane.

Police say Vest was intoxicated. Vest was arrested on three complaints of assault with a deadly weapon and public intoxication. Vest claimed to be a female to police. He is being held on $30,100 bond.