Suspect Carries Gun Into Casino At End Of Cross-town Crime Spree

Joseph Giroux

A man is jailed and accused in a long string of crimes that include carrying a gun into a Tulsa casino.

It began Sunday evening around 10:30pm at a QuikTrip in east Tulsa. Police were called there when a man, later identified as 36-year-old Joseph David Giroux - was threatening to kidnap a woman at the store.

According to arrest documents, Giroux confronted two more groups, one at another QuikTrip and the other at Normandy Apartments.

By 10:50pm, police said Giroux was involved in a hit-and-run crash near 61st and Riverside. He drove away from the scene and eventually wound up at the Sand Dollar Apartment complex on 61st Street.

Police said witnesses saw Giroux crashed his pickup through the fence into the complex.

He parked the truck on a lawn, yelled at someone in one of the units and then fired a shot gun through the front door. Police said Giroux knew a woman who lived there, but it wasn't clear how they knew each other. There was no one inside.

By that time, officers in Tulsa Police helicopter had their sights Giroux's truck. He drove back out of the complex smashing AC units, other equipment and cars along the way.

He headed down Riverside at high speeds stopping finally at River Spirit Casino. Police said Giroux parked his truck in a garage below the casino and grabbed a sawed-off shotgun.

He took the gun and went up to the casino floor, where police officers arrested him with out incident. Police said there were no shots fired or injuries in the incident.

Giroux was booked into the Tulsa County jail on 8 complaints, including attempted kidnapping, pointing a deadly weapon, carrying a weapon with intent and others.