Suspects Arrested after Alleged Kidnapping, Choking, Robbery

Left to right: Zack Davis, Tyler Bristol

Tulsa police officers arrested two suspects Friday following an alleged robbery spree that was sparked by the suspects believing their drugs were stolen.

An ex-girlfriend of one of the suspect's was heading to his residence on the 3300 block of East King Street when the two suspects reportedly forced her out of the vehicle and brought her inside.

The report states Tyler Bristol, 24, was upset because he thought his ex-girlfriend had stolen drugs from him earlier that day.

Bristol and the other suspect, Zack Davis, 22, allegedly interrogated the victim about the location of the drugs, and in the process, choked her, held a knife to her throat and pointed a sawed-off shotgun at her.

The suspects then reportedly robbed the victim of her money and cut her finger down to the bone. All of these acts were reportedly observed by two witnesses.

Bristol and Davis then allegedly kidnapped the victim and drove her along with the witnesses to a location on the 1500 block of East Seminole the victim had revealed to have been at earlier in the day.

There the suspects robbed two females at gunpoint and ransacked the home, looking for the drugs, which they did not find, the report states.

The suspects then left the home and the witnesses along with ex-girlfriend went to Saint Francis Hospital.

The suspects were identified by the victims, and were arrested on complaints of robbery with a firearm, kidnapping, among others.

The police report states both Bristol and Davis were recently released from prison.

Davis is being held on $300,000 bond and Bristol is being held on $290,000 bond.