Take Some Of The Headaches And Cost Out Of Holiday Travel

It'sgreat to get together with family at this time of year, but gettingthere isn't easy.

Travelis tough with packed planes and crowded highways.

Sowe spoke to a travel expert, who says there are some ways to cutcosts and headaches.

RandyPetersen, of Capital One, says the very first thing you should do ismake sure everyone has the power cords and chargers for theirelectronics.

Thosedevices can keep kids busy for hours and that eliminates a lot ofproblems.

Ifyou're flying, he says a great time saver is to be dropped off at thearrivals area.

It'susually much less crowded than the departures parking.

Petersensays one of the best ways you can beat the airline system, is toavoid the baggage fees.

Packa carry-on bag, but don't carry it on the plane.

Volunteerto check it at the gate.

They'llgive you a receipt and you won't have to worry about space in theoverhead bins.

Anotherof his suggestions is for next year.

Ifyou want to cash-in some credit card miles, do it during theholidays.

Mostpeople wait until January, so there's a lot more competition forthose seats after the first of the year.